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We value our patients' experience at Atlas Wellness Centre. If you are currently a patient, please feel free to complete the following Client Experience Questionnaire. The Questionnaire is in Adobe Acrobat format, and requires the free Acrobat Reader to view.

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Peter Olsson

My name is Jacqueline

and this is my story:

I had been diagnosed with mild scoliosis and three prolapsed discs. NHS physio and epidurals had made no impression on the pain and disability caused by these problems.

I had to leave my job of 18 years which I loved, teaching pottery, sculpture and art in Cambridge because the hospital consultant had told me that one awkward lift could land me up in a wheel-chair.

My mother and sister who had considerable spinal problems and had themselves become attendees at the Atlas Wellness Centre, encouraged me to have an initial appointment at the centre with Dr Peter, Dr Kirsten and Natalie.

I have completed nearly a year of adjustments and am delighted with the results. When I first arrived I could walk only 500 yards at a time, this month (August) I completed a double walk across Cambridge in the sunshine and could have done more. I still have a certain amount of pain, but nothing like the original level when I found emerging from a car excruciating and had to grip the open door to steady myself.

I am so grateful to Dr Peter and the Atlas team for working with such love and dedication, and for improving my quality of life so much.

Jaqueline B. 59.


My name is June

and this is my story:

When I first visited the Atlas Wellness Centre I had been suffering with lower back pain for about a year. After a month of regular adjustments I no longer needed a hot water bottle to soothe the pain.

I feel a lot better, able to adjust to life.

I would definitely tell my friends to visit Atlas.

June Q. 62.


My name is Anthony

My daughter suggested I visit the Atlas Wellness Centre as I was experiencing a lot of pain. Since doing so I feel less stress and my pain has reduced.

The movement in my hand has improved, which I didn't expect to improve. Overall I'm feeling a lot better and I can move without pain.

Anthony J. 76.


To Peter, Kirsten, Liz and Natalie

What a team (The A Team)!

Wow what can I say 2012 Olympics, you already have your gold medal!

I found your number in the local paper. The best call I made.

The benefits I have made over the last 6 months are fantastic, no more back pain, neck, shoulder, arms, legs, muscles, or pins and needles.

I feel 15 yrs younger, the centre opened my eyes, the examination found my head position 71.2mm forward and a loss of 81.5% normal neck curve. 

After approximately 6 months of adjustments and a few simple exercises my life has changed for the better.

My advice to anyone with body problems is ring now its never too late.

I cannot thank you enough, before it was like being in the desert, and now finding an oasis. Carry on the good work.

Yours Tony C. 76.


My name is Shirley Wright and this is My Story:

Wellness!! I wondered what it was all about, so 5 months ago I checked it out. I suffer from arthritis, so crutch under arm I walked through the doors and was very warmly greeted. All very nice but I wondered, could I possibly get the help I needed from this place.

After my initial consultation with both Dr Peter and Dr Kirsten, my well-being was far from well; I was worried "could these people really help me?"

Guess what!! I received the three degrees of healing: BODY, MIND and SOUL.

My body no longer relies on a crutch.

My mind is much clearer.

My soul is happier.

What a surprise, I certainly did not expect such a profound result in such a short time, and THE CARE AND SUPPORT BEING GIVEN IS ENDLESS!

A very good investment!

MANY THANKS TO ALL, Shirley W. 59.


My name is Irene Goodchild,

and this is my story...

I was in so much pain and really disliked taking so many pain-killers.

Since coming to Atlas, I can lift up my upper back and neck by myself and am now 4" to 5" taller. This enabled me to look after my husband when he became ill which was something I would not have been able to do previously. I am still looking after him after 68 years!

Having my adjustments means everything to me as, despite a small setback, I feel that I have regained some of my independence.

I would say to anyone who asks "Go to Peter, and see the difference!"

Irene G. 91.


My name is Hazera and this is my story:

My niece recommended I come to the Atlas Wellness Centre as I was having problems walking and was in a lot of pain.

Since starting care my pain has reduced and my walking has improved. I could only walk for 5 minutes, now I'm able to walk for 50. The adjustments are very helpful and convenient.

I also can do more work at home than before. My children have benefited as they no longer have to do all the housework for me and they have more free time now. Just last weekend I was able to cook for all my family - 21 people.

My health is improving. My weight has reduced and I no longer take any painkillers or my inhaler.

My health goal for the future is to try to be fit and healthy without any medication.

Hazera B. 41.


My name is Elaine and this is my story:

After many years of suffering from back pain and severe headaches I heard about the Atlas Wellness Centre, through my son's teacher.

From my first phone call to the centre I was impressed. They gave me the best examination I have ever had and recommended the way forward.

The benefits are amazing, I have very little back pain now. I am able to play tennis for short periods with my son, who is over the moon.

My general state of health has never been better. My family have also said that I am much happier and less stressed.

The adjustments make your body feel alive, I look forward to each one.

The staff are all wonderful, they are always on hand to talk and make you feel relaxed and comfortable. I know that everything they do will only make me feel better.

If you have been suffering like I was give them a chance to help you, they will.

My Goals for the future are to be able to beat my son at tennis and to continue to increase my overall well being.

Elaine M. 44


My Name is Daniela and this is my story: 

Dr Kirsten was at L.A. Fitness when I saw her for the first time after finishing my workout. I remember thinking "I already go to a Chiropractor and I don't feel much better so I am not going to stop and talk to her!" Nearly out of the door I heard a little voice telling me to have a word with her so I did!

I have been a member of the Atlas Wellness Centre for 2 years. I don't suffer with migraines or severe headaches or sinus problems anymore and my body is thanking me for not taking lots of pain killers.

I have a message for you:

"Dr Peter offers you the kick-start you need; he gets rid of some of your pain to leave you free to re-think your lifestyle: nobody can do this for you! He knows pain and headaches himself so I entrusted him with my pain and he makes me feel better. I am still a "stress magnet" but now I can cope so much better that I am not wasting life but enjoying it. Above all I can give more time and love to my partner who knows how bad I was and reminds me at any given time."

Daniela L. 54.


An anonymous story:

I came to the Atlas Wellness Centre after having a check-up at LA Fitness, where I attend weekly Pilates and yoga classes. I had had problems with the right side of my lower back for about 40 years, and I was told by Peter and Kirsten that my posture was faulty.

I have now completed over two years of regular adjustments, and I feel enormous benefits; in fact, I have just been on a weeks alpine walking holiday, and for the first time in many years I did not experience any back pain at all the whole time. On previous holidays I have had to take painkillers twice each day so that I can walk uphill in relative comfort. This year I took none.

During these two years, as the adjustment to my spine has progressed, I have experienced several phases of pain in my right hip and right thigh, as these areas had to adjust themselves too. However, most of the time I have felt extremely well, and my mental health has improved too. My posture has now returned to normal.

The Atlas staff are all very supportive and caring, and when I needed extra adjustments or consultations they were generously and unhesitatingly given. I have improved my diet considerably since coming to Atlas, and have performed the recommended exercises every day, they are a very important part of the care. I also walk as much as possible.

I intend to continue with the exercises and regular adjustments, and hope to further improve my diet. I was not 100% convinced of the efficacy of the "Atlas" method when I started, but am now very happy that I persevered, and wish to thank Peter, Kirsten and Natalie for their care. Once embarking on the Atlas programme, it truly becomes a way of life.

We serve people from Bedford, Milton Keynes, Northampton, also Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire


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*" ... it's just amazing!"

Malcolm & Pat Pete

Atlas Wellness Centre (Atlas): Can you tell me your names, please?

Malcolm: Yes, Malcolm James Pete.

Pat: Pat Pete.

Atlas: And what made you want to come and see us in the first place.

Malcolm: Well, I’ve been suffering with severe pain in lower back and legs for two, three years really. I had several hip operations which supposedly were designed to cure the problem. But they had absolutely no effect and I would say in desperation, I saw your advertisement in the local paper. It sounded very good. So I thought, “Let’s give this a try.”

Atlas: And how would you say that having the health problems affected your life before you came in?

Malcolm: It stopped me doing most things that I enjoy doing. I couldn’t walk. I couldn’t go for walks. I couldn’t garden. Found it extremely difficult to do any jobs around the house and was virtually confined to a wheelchair.

Atlas: And how would you say things have changed since you started having the care here?

Malcolm: Since I’ve had the care, I’ve lost 95 percent of all the pain that I was suffering with. I rarely use the wheelchair now unless in fact I’m – got a lot of walking to do and I can rely on a walking frame and now I can get about comfortably with a walking frame. My only problem now is that it has been so long since I’ve walked that I’ve got to build up my stamina and balance before I can really try to walk without any support at all.

Atlas: And Pat, would you say you noticed changes with Malcolm?

Pat: Definitely. He’s not taking any painkillers now. He was on quite a lot of painkillers. Within about three weeks to a month, he had dispensed with all the painkillers. It’s so good for both of us. He’s much more independent. I don’t have to push him around in a wheelchair, so it has made a lot of difference to my life too. Yeah, it’s just amazing!

Atlas: Excellent. What would you say to someone who’s maybe a bit worried, a bit – about coming here for the first time?

Malcolm: I would tell them to come along without any concerns at all. I found the people – all of the people I’ve come in contact with to be very helpful. They explain what’s going to happen and there’s absolutely nothing to worry about. But the benefits can be immense.

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